Healing is the offering of universal energy with the specific aim of restoring a state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. 


Healing is the offering of universal energy with the specific aim of restoring a state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. It allows the client to regain their own sense of balance and harmony. The side effects of this may be cure from the illness or disease; alternatively, it may create a new attitude within the individual allowing them to deal with their circumstances differently.


Healers work with our bodies energetic matrix. This matrix is generated by life and surrounds us like a protective force field and filter.  The whole energetic body is called the Aura and consists of layers and centre points like spinning wheels.  The layers are called Subtle Bodies and the centre points are called Chakras.

 The subtle body layers affect every aspect of our being.  They influence the physical body, our emotions, our thinking, our intuition and also have spiritual and karmic layers.  This shows how powerful healing can be.  Our aura “holds” our stories and these energetic imprints need clearing regularly so that we can maintain health and move on with our lives.

 The word ‘Chakra’ means ‘wheel’ and the energy in the Chakras spins just like a wheel.  This spinning causes an electric charge which is easily felt my most sensitive people.  There are seven chakras, crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root. Their function is to control and integrate the energy of the subtle bodies and the aura. They co-ordinate the mechanical, electrical and chemical activities of the physical body, with the spiritual needs of the individual.

It is by assisting the client with the removal of blockages to their energetic system and bringing their system back into balance that the healer is able to help the client to achieve the changes they desire.

Healing can also be used to clear a house of negative energies, to heal an ancestral line and to set up new projects for success.

Healing should always be given as an offering of unconditional love, in service to the individual and is both profound and deeply relaxing.

New Healing Energies

 New healing energies and techniques have been available to us since 2012.  They are designed to help us shift from our fear-based reality into a higher love based vibration and reconnect us into the cosmic energy by bringing our Higher Self closer.  These techniques have been transformational in my own life and for some of my family, and so I made the decision to travel to America to complete the training.

 This energy is “full spectrum” as opposed to older energies like Reiki which is 3 dimensional.  The healing will help you to raise your vibration, clear away old patterns of behaviour and karmic density and start a process of deep healing.  In addition, it will help you reclaim your hidden talents and skills, awaken your intuition and discover your life’s purpose.

 There are two ways to experience this energy, firstly by having a “No Touch” healing session which is available either in person or remotely. 

 Secondly, through this new energy, we are now able to do two further treatments.  The first is Chakra Unification which clears up to 51% of Karmic Debris in one session.  It opens the chakras and allows them to expand in a new way.  The second is a treatment called “Recalibration” which completely changes your energetic system by uncapping your chakras to allow them to function at their full potential.  This is done through a special protocol and which takes place over two sessions, spaced 24 – 72 hours apart and includes the Chakra Unification as the first part of the protocol.  This must be done in person.  Recalibration is ideal if you have had long-term challenges, if you are struggling to move forward in your life, or if you are already a therapist and want to maximise your potential.  I recommend starting with several “No Touch” sessions before Recalibration.


 No Touch healing, either in person or remotely with Skype or Telephone support  £ 45

 Chakra Unification                                                                                                      £133

 Recalibration   (including Chakra Unification)                                                            £333

 Package of 5 No Touch sessions and Recalibration                                                   £525

 To book, please call or text 07775 838842 or email joradley143@btinternet.com