Acupuncture is often used alongside conventional medicine in the treatment of acute or chronic illness. It can help all sorts of people of all ages. Many people seek treatment to help them feel better in themselves.


Structural Integration & Manipulation

“Structural Integration is about the whole person, it is about connective tissue, fascia and feeling. The sensation of moving from weakness to strength, the exhilaration of owning a new part
of oneself, the immediate and simultaneous
re-education of one's being and action”
Dr Ida P. Rolf



Healing is the offering of universal energy with the specific aim of restoring a state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.



01327 871484 | JO@JORADLEY.CO.UK

My name is Jo Radley and I run a small clinic in Staverton, Northamptonshire. 
Through my own quest for healing I trained in Traditional Acupuncture, Structural Integration, N.L.P. 
Healing, Low Level Laser Therapy and have also completed many years of advance study.  I hold a BA Hons. Degree in Traditional Acupuncture and am a Member of the British Acupuncture Council.

My own journey with health has been a difficult one, and it is through my quest for my own healing and a desire to help others that I have completed over 6 years full time training and also many short courses.  This journey has helped me to develop both a solid knowledge base, experience the treatments I offer and develop highly intuitive skills.  Many people have told me I offer a unique insight into their problems and my work is a true "calling" rather than just a job.   Each therapy has its own unique way of resolving problems from musculoskeletal strains and injuries to mental / emotional issues and I am happy to discuss how they may assist you.

Situated close to DeVeres Staverton Golf Club, and within easy reach of the motorways, the clinic offers a quiet and comfortable space where you can escape from the stresses and strains of your life.  

As well as the information provided on these pages I put interesting and up to date articles and information on my Facebook page "JoRadleysClinic".  Please click on the Facebook icon to take you there.   

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