Healing is the offering of universal energy with the specific aim of restoring balance to our energy or life force. With proper training, it is possible to send healing to any person or animal, anywhere in the world. We are trained to work in a wide variety of situations, giving healing, clearing people and houses of negative thought forms, energies and attachments, lifting curses, dealing with generational trauma etc. Our other joint passion is horses so we are also very happy to send them healing.

Giving Healing

How can healing help you?

Healing is the offering of universal energy with the specific aim of restoring a state of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. It allows the client to regain their own sense of balance and harmony. The side effects of this may be a cure from the illness or disease; alternatively, it may create a new attitude within the individual allowing them to deal with their circumstances differently.

How does it work?

Healers work with our body’s energetic matrix or life force.  This matrix is generated by life and surrounds us like a protective force field and filter.  The whole energetic body is called the Aura and consists of layers and centre points like spinning wheels.  The layers are called Subtle Bodies and the centre points are called Chakras.

Illustration of human aura and chakras

The subtle body layers affect every aspect of our being.  They influence the physical body, our emotions, our thinking, our intuition and also have spiritual and karmic layers.  This shows how powerful healing can be.  Our aura “holds” our stories and these energetic imprints need clearing regularly so that we can maintain health and move on with our lives.

The word ‘Chakra’ means ‘wheel’ and the energy in the Chakras spins just like a wheel.  This spinning causes an electric charge which is easily felt by most sensitive people.  There are seven main chakras within the body: crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root. Their function is to control and integrate the energy of the subtle bodies and the aura. They coordinate the mechanical, electrical and chemical activities of the physical body, with the spiritual needs of the individual. There are also additional chakras above and below the physical body and a head cord links us to these.

Our Chakras and Energy Field

It is by assisting the client with the removal of blockages to their energetic system and bringing their system back into balance that the healer is able to help the client to achieve the changes they desire.

Healing can also be used to clear a house of negative energies, to heal an ancestral line and to set up new projects for success.

Healing should always be given as an offering of unconditional love, in service to the individual and is both profound and deeply relaxing.

What can healing be used for?

  • To clear, balance and ground your energy and acupuncture meridians
  • To help you move forward in your life
  • To improve your connection to your intuition and Higher Self
  • Support through times of difficulty
  • Pre and Post Surgery
  • To set up for a good outcome during surgery
  • Support during Cancer treatment
  • Coping with or Recovery from Addiction
  • Clear karmic patterns and influences
  • To clear houses or businesses of stagnant or negative energies
  • It can be given in person or distantly


  • Initial Consultation in person or via Zoom with healing £80
  • Healing in person or distantly with Zoom £60
  • Clearing houses / negative energies. Prices on application

Since July 2020 I have also been offering a Distant Energy Healing service with my colleague and friend Peter Ebdon, under the name Quantum Energy Healing. Peter also trained at the College of Healing in Malvern and has completed several of the advanced courses. Peter was a professional sportsman for 30 years and brings unrivaled focus and mental strength to his healing.

This is our new website: http://www.quantum-energy-healing.co.uk

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