“To wait for the illness to develop before remedying it,
For the disorder to form before taking care of it,
To wait until one is thirsty before digging the well,
To wait for battle before forging weapons,
Is this not too late?”
 Nejing suwen chapter 2 (3rd BC)

Often when people contact me, they know what they want help with but often they don’t know what is the most effective way of dealing with it. I am happy to advise and my extensive knowledge helps to resolve problems quickly.

With most treatments, it is unrealistic to expect long-term problems to be resolved in one session. For that reason, with new Patients, I offer a free half-hour consultation to discuss their concerns and give some idea about whether I can help and what the best course of action would be.

My job is a bit like a detective, piecing together a complicated puzzle to help you return to health. I do also offer longer sessions for people who are traveling a long way as some of my patients travel over two hours to see me.

With Healing, treatments can be given in the clinic or distantly. Sometimes I will suggest using acupuncture when you are present and healing when you are unable to get to the clinic. They are both complimentary but different. I can advise on which treatment is best for you. Like acupuncture, healing is very effective and the two systems together provide a very robust method of helping people to recover from mental, emotional and physical illnesses.

The difference between acupuncture and healing

With Laser Treatments, sometimes this can be added into a session and sometimes treatment needs to be given separately with specific times between treatments. I am happy to advise you.

I don’t generally do full series of Structural Integration now, but I am happy to do small pieces of work to resolve sports and other physical injuries. I also often will recommend a combination of therapies to help.

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