Distance Healing

At the start of our distance healing session Jo asked me whether anything physical was troubling me. I told her of the long term issues with my pelvis and the knock on effects on my right leg and foot and on my ability to walk and move freely. As usual at the end of the session I felt calm and settled and a lot more comfortable in my skin. Unusually walking felt different. The next morning it felt as if years had been taken off my whole way of moving, as if there had been a release of some sort of vice-like grip which had been holding things in the wrong place for a long time. And the relaxation and easing continued. Overall an amazing transformation!! For quite some time now I’ve known you’re good Jo but I’ve absolutely no idea how you pulled this one off. Thank you so much.

MM on the Hampshire Coast

Distance Healing

Jo has been an incredible support and guide for me. She has helped me deal with things that have felt very dark and frightening in a down to earth, structured and clear way, and managed to help me remain grounded in the process. Through her healing, she has helped me recover a lifetime of energetic fatigue. We've been able to continue virtually through the pandemic, which has been just as powerful. Because of our virtual sessions, she has been able to 'see' into my home and help identify the root cause of certain issues, which otherwise would have continued to wreck havoc.


Life Mentor

I love coming to my appointments with you! The low-level laser therapy, which I originally came for, worked a real miracle on my wrist and shoulder and it is amazing to be able to work, free of pain now. Since I have been coming, you have kept my health on an even keel, despite the considerable demands upon it, and I was so grateful that you recognised how depleted my energy was and offered the acupuncture. Both your gentle needling technique, your lovely energy and your wise counsel make me look forward to sessions, which now feel like a critical part of my wellness support system and which I have come to value greatly and it is a real blessing to have someone so inspiring to count as a mentor in my life.



Jo was recommended to me by a friend who believed she could help me with long term depression. I had been on a variety of anti-depressant medications for several years and was coming to the conclusion that they were not helping my condition. On first meeting Jo, she immediately put me at ease with her calm non-judgemental and supportive manner, so much so that when she suggested acupuncture as a treatment, I readily agreed, even though I am not keen on needles! During all of my treatments, I felt incredibly relaxed. Jo explained what she intended to do at every stage and I had full confidence in her at all times. After five sessions the difference in my psyche was profound and I unilaterally decided to reduce my medication. I feel so much stronger mentally and I am much happier in myself since I have been visiting Jo. I cannot thank her enough for all the help she has given me. I am very much looking forward to my next appointment for Chakra balancing. I can confidently recommend Jo to anyone who is in search of healing.

Wilf Horn

Difficult Time

After a mixture of Doctors, Specialist, MRI and CT scans and a cocktail of different drugs, I found myself after nearly a year still feeling dreadful. This was due to stress, the death of my father and contracting a viral and bacterial virus whilst on holiday. The infection in my blood and temperature had gone, but I was still left with some of the symptoms I had started with, the loss of balance, neck pain and spasms, the visual auras and headaches the lack of energy. I was unable to do the gardening, drive, and only able to do the lightest housework and mentally unable to cope. I felt as if I had exhausted everyone’s patience and I needed to be back to my old self. I didn’t know where to turn. Years before, I remembered being treated successfully with acupuncture by Jo and I wondered if she could help me. I don’t know how acupuncture works and wonder how inserting needles in different points has the effect that it does. It isn’t at all painful, due to the use of really fine needles all you feel is a sensation that something is happening. Jo is trained in different methods of healing and is able to use them in conjunction with each other to get the optimum effect. I no longer have any of the symptoms that I had, I feel mentally brighter and able to cope. I still get tired but Jo is in the process of building up my strength and I am very aware that I am getting stronger. Jo is an amazing lady who is caring, sensitive and warm. I cannot recommend Jo and acupuncture strongly enough. Try it.

AP (Raunds)


Thank you so much for yesterday. You helped me so very much - both physically to deal with the aftermath of the virus, but especially emotionally. I was amazed how the pericardium emotional state I had experienced since the tummy bug had brought to light the emotional issues that had already been underlying. I could actually be grateful for the bug! Not only did you really understood my situation and empathise with it, you also helped me to make something constructive of it. I was able to come home and have a good conversation with my husband and he really heard, and I have hope that it will be an important step in going forward with our relationship in a much healthier, happier way. The initial signs are hopeful anyway! I managed to both be vulnerable and honest, while still somehow protecting and honouring my heart enough. What a delicate balance it is. I feel very fortunate that he really met me at least half way, if not more. He genuinely does want to make it better than it has been. I talked about my need for nourishment from our relationship, which you first rightly identified in one of our earliest sessions, and he heard me. It is a good start. I was also able to explain about understanding and honouring his need to provide, and explained about the dopamine/oxytocin gender differences. It was so useful to be able to explain it logically for him as well as tell him how I felt. We have agreed to definitely give ‘us’ more time and that there will always be work which can be done, but we are going to start choosing more 'us' time. Thank you so much for your support and care. I feel so grateful to have met you.


Photocopy Paper

I stumbled across Jo, and acupuncture, in 2005 shortly before starting chemotherapy. I confess to some initial scepticism but thought - even if it's all 'smoke and mirrors' - it could do no harm. I can't explain how it works, or precisely how it makes me feel, but my best description would be to describe a fresh, new packet of photocopier paper. When the ream is first opened, all the edges of the paper are perfectly aligned but once the paper has been moved, it's impossible to get back the perfectly straight edge to the pile of papers. What Jo does for me is to gently pat my papers back into line. Do I leave her feeling suddenly different? No, it takes a couple of days. Do I understand how it works? Certainly not. Do I believe it works? Absolutely. 7 years post cancer and I still visit Jo every month or two.

CL (Warwick)

Back Pain

When I first met Jo Radley, I was in a 'healing crisis' and desperately needed help. The whole top half of my torso was leaning to the right and my head was also ‎leaning forward. I was in great pain and I just couldn't straighten myself up. After just one healing session from Jo, I was able to walk with a straight back, not leaning to the right at all and I was in no pain whatsoever. Jo used a technique called 'Rolfing', developed by Dr Ida Rolf and I subsequently began to see Jo on a regular basis, for Rolfing, spiritual healing and acupuncture, too. Whenever my family or friends have any issues that require professional help, Jo is always the first port of call and she has greatly helped, through her treatments, both my sons, and my Mum too. Jo is a very highly experienced healer, is very intelligent, very compassionate and caring and is also highly intuitive, when assessing a person's individual needs. In a world that needs far more complimentary healers, Jo is a truly beautiful soul and a shining light, that shines very brightly indeed. Peter Ebdon

Peter Ebdon World Snooker Champion 2002


Athletics has been my passion since childhood. However, two road traffic accidents at ages 11 and 24 meant that by my late 30’s my body could no longer cope with the training and competition I enjoyed so much and I seemed to be forever injured, suffering particularly with lower back problems, hamstring and calf strains and tears. I was also working in a stressful job and my energy levels were suffering as a result. I couldn’t sleep for more than 6 hours a night, as lying in bed for too long made my body ache and when I got up, I would hobble around trying to get my body moving before I could do anything. All in all, I was becoming increasingly concerned how I would cope with life as I got older and feared that I would not enjoy the healthy, active retirement I had always envisaged for myself, let alone continue with my athletics. A friend, who had heard of structural integration, suggested that it might help me with my problems and that there was a practitioner in the area and so it was from that lead that I started working with Jo in 2006. Jo’s unique combination of Rolfing and traditional acupuncture has been life-changing for me. I feel like I have been given a second body and it's only looking back now that I can see how bad things had got for me back then! There is still work to be done, but then the human body just isn’t designed to cope with the amount of punishment mine has suffered, so fixing me was never going to be a 5 minute job! Nevertheless, I am now back to regular, low-intensity training and I hope to be able to get back to competition training in the not too distant future. I am also confident that I will be able to enjoy a fit and active old age and that in itself has been worth all the treatment.

MH (Tamworth)

New Baby

Jo was recommended to me by a friend and I’m eternally grateful to have found her. I had been under a fertility clinic and my options were extremely limited with remote chances of success. We had almost lost all hope when I went to see Jo. I had a handful of treatments and was suddenly blessed with the miracle of conception. I have since returned for a skin condition. I trust her implicitly to provide the appropriate and necessary treatment. Jo has a warm and calming aura that makes you feel totally relaxed and at ease. The treatment is always explained, she’s very experienced, professional and has a fountain of knowledge and wisdom. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our dreams of having another babe possible. I look forward to my next visit x

Jenny N

Stress and Well Being

Have been seeing Jo for nearly 10 years. She has made such a positive difference in my life I regularly recommend her to friends/acquaintances. Jo is so friendly and caring with an extraordinary depth of professional knowledge I know I am in safe hands!!

Jenny R

Safe and Professional

Have been seeing Jo for nearly 10 years. She has made such a positive difference in my life I regularly recommend her to friends/acquaintances. Jo is so friendly and caring with an extraordinary depth of professional knowledge I know I am in safe hands!! Jenny R

Jenny R


Jo provides a safe space that normalises your situation, thereby allowing you a platform on which to build a foundation. Be that a foundation of self, interpersonal, or world love... it is a springboard to reclaiming your potential and your life, so you can be of service once more. She is truly a wonder!!! I can't recommend her highly enough! Such a loving person to have in your corner! Everyone should have a "Jo" in their lives! Fiona W