Acupuncture is often used alongside conventional medicine in the treatment of acute or chronic illness. It can help all sorts of people of all ages. Many people seek treatment to help them feel better in themselves. I use traditional needles, non-insertion needles and also a Low-Level Laser to treat my patients, so if you are scared of needles, it’s not a problem.

Does it hurt?

I use very fine, top quality, sterile, disposable needles and make sure the techniques I use are as gentle as possible.  The sensation of acupuncture is very different from having an injection and most patients find their treatments very relaxing.  In addition to traditional methods, I also use gold non-insertion needles to treat acupuncture points.  These methods are very effective for most treatments and especially ideal for children or those with a fear of needles.

How Does it work?

Acupuncture affects the quality of energy or Qi (pronounced chee) that flows through the meridians in the body.  These meridians are like streams and the acupuncture points allow us to adjust the quantity and quality of energy flowing within the streams.  Just like streams, meridians can become silted or blocked in the same way streams and ditches become blocked in nature, so freeing or adjusting these flows helps to improve our sense of well-being and health.

Our bodies need this energy or qi to function. A good analogy is of a wonderful well designed, expensive car. Engineered to perfection the engine is only able to run when there is fuel in the tank and the fuel flows through the carburettor to the spark plugs. When our system of energy production breaks down or becomes blocked we may feel tired and listless, just like an engine that isn’t firing on all cylinders.  Eventually,  organs starved of energy may malfunction and show signs of distress.

Taking Pulses

The flow of energy in the meridians is assessed by feeling the quality of the twelve pulses, found near the radial artery on both the left and right wrists. I will take your pulses before, during and after every treatment to assess your progress. Your feedback, the information I glean from your pulses and our mutual treatment aims, enable me to choose specific acupuncture points to help you.   A herb called Moxa may be used to help to nourish your energy. Throughout treatment, emotions may come to the surface and resolve. Patients often find that acupuncture strengthens their constitution and increases their energy levels. Usually, the person will start to feel better quite quickly, more like their “old self” and be ready to move on in their life.


  • Initial Consultation £70
  • Individual Treatment £50
  • Double appointments for those travelling long distances and for people needing complicated clearing treatments £100
  • I offer discounts for children and family treatments.
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