Scar Tissue

Scar tissue from surgery or from injuries often need some additional help in healing. They can cause problems by blocking our energy or by creating adhesions which cause long term discomfort and restrictions.

Some people with sensitive fingers will be able to tell themselves if a scar needs treatment. Signs to look out for are pain and discomfort around the scar. Often the tissue above or below the scar will feel inflamed deep in the body, even years after surgery. Sometimes the area above or below the scar will be colder, this shows that the energy is not moving through the area properly.

Scars can be treated by a combination of low level laser therapy and acupuncture. The laser stimulates the cells to heal and acupuncture is used to ensure the energy flow in the body is moving through the scars.

Examples of scars which may need help are: hysterectomy, episiotomy scars from childbirth, appendix, head injuries, knee surgery, hip surgery, heart surgery, laparoscopic surgery and investigations, bowel surgery and stoma scars, carpal tunnel surgery etc.

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